The many faces of St. Francis from the Basilica

"Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me,
that they may be one as We are."  John 17:11 (NKJ)

The Rt. Rev. Keith L. Ackerman,Bishop-Protector
The Rt. Rev. Keith L. Ackerman, SSC
known within the Order by his religious name,
Bp. Dominic, FODC,
our Bishop-Protector
  Fr. John-Mark, OSF, Minister-General FODC
Fr. John Mark, OSF,
our Minister-General

The Members of the Order's Discretorium
(Council of Advice to the Minister-General)

Rev. Br. Philip Francis, OSF
Br. Glen, OSF, Vicar General
Br. Glen, OSF 
Br. Matthias, OSF, Almoner General
Br. Matthias, OSF
Almoner and Procurator-General

Fr. Anthony Mary OSF, Provincial Minister for the Americas
Fr. Anthony-Mary, OSF,
Provincial Minister for
the Americas
Sr. Brigid Abigail, OSF, Novice Mistress
Sr. Brigid-Abigail, OSF,
Novice Mistress
Rev. Br. Augustine FODC
Rev. Br. Augustine, FODC
Provincial Minister for the Diaspora

Fr. Andrew Luke, OSF
Fr. Andrew Luke, OSF
Sr. Mary Margaret, OSF, The Novice Mistress
Sr. Mary Margaret, OSF
Fr. Benedict-Mary Immaculata OSF
Fr. Benedict-Mary Immaculata, OSF
Novice Master
Fr. Stephen James, OSF
Fr. Stephen James, OSF
Father COnfessor


"We give You thanks, Holy Father, for Your Holy Name which You have made to dwell in our hearts, and for the knowledge and faith and immortality which you have made known to us through Your Son Jesus."
Didache 10:2

ICTHYUS:  Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior

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